platinum coast orchid society

Board of Directors

2019 board of directors picture
(l-r) Past President Jodi Kittleson, Directors Julie Howard (JoAnn Amos standing in), Ed Kidder, Kathy Jacobson, Laura Blackmon, Treasurer Margaret Smith, Secretary Patty Williams, Vice President Margaret Croucher, President Peter Pancoast.

2019 Officers and Board Members

Peter Pancoast, President (321)

Margaret Croucher, Vice President (321) 454-4067

Margaret Smith, Treasurer (321) 305-6496

Patti Williams, Secretary (321) 212-8925

Laura Blackmon, Board Member (2019-2020)
Kathy Jacobson, Board Member (2019-2020)
Julie Howard, Board Member (2019)
Ed Kidder, Board Member (2019)
Jodi Kittleson, Past President, Director